Bashir Syed

Bashir Syed,

M. Psy (Candidate)

Therapist in Training


To embark on the path to become a clinician was not an instantaneous process for me; rather it was gradual and careful realization of a lifelong goal. I realized it required intellectual rigor, meticulousness and a natural compassion, which inclines you to alleviate illness and improve human health. Throughout the past twenty years I have had the opportunity to explore the world and meet individuals of all walks of life from the affluent to the poor. In my travels the greatest learning was the resilient nature of humans. I continue to be puzzled on how people who may be exposed to the same stressors cope very differently. As such I embarked on my journey and am in the process of completing my masters in counselling psychology. My rich life experiences and business background have taught me to get to the bottom line, identify needs, and provide solutions to those needs. Lastly along with my passion for the mental health,  I am a devoted father with a strong interest in nature, hiking and mixed martial arts.



Toronto  |  Brampton – In-Person & Virtual 


MA in Clinical Psychology (C), Adler Graduate Professional School



Personal Interests:


Nature  |   Hiking  |  Mixed Martial Arts

Services Offered

Coping Mechanisms
Couples & Relationships
Self Esteem Issues
Personal Growth