Tamarah Chaddah

Dr. Tamarah Chaddah,


Director of Naturopathic Medicine


As a Naturopathic Doctor, it is my mission to optimize the health of my patients. At McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare, our aim is to treat our patients as holistically as possible and integrate our therapies for our patients. All health conditions including mental health concerns are expressed uniquely in each individual and can be treated in many different ways.  Naturopathic Medicine can identify the underlying multifactorial-causes through in-depth investigation and testing and provide safe, effective treatments.  Patients seeking help with mood, sleep, weight, digestion, stress, hormones or fatigue, among other issues, will experience an evidence-based approach to their concerns.  By supporting and guiding my patients with natural strategies and therapies, they can start to reset their health and begin to  feel their best.



Toronto  |  Brampton


Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine
| BA Honors Psychology, University of Western Ontario



Personal Interests:

Snowboarding | Hiking | Cooking | Paddle Boarding | Reading

Services Offered

Intravenous Vitamin (IV) Therapy
Clinical Nutrition
Specialized Medical Testing
Diet Modification
Botanical Medicine