Zafire Fierro

Dr. Zafire Fierro, PhD C. Psych

Dr. Zafire is known for her straightforward compassion and has a unique integrative approach to her clinical skills. Passionate about trauma recovery either current or from childhood. Her “tool box” is ample with evidence based treatment approaches to tailor suit a diverse number of symptoms, histories and challenges. With more than 18 years of experience working with high risk clients, severe to mild trauma and emotional dysregulation as well as interpersonal and romantic relationships. Currently Dr. Z works with adults and couples under a 6 to 24 week treatment of third wave CBT: DBT, Schema Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy and Attachment Bonding.

Populations: Adults, Couples
Specialties: (Big T) Trauma: Physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, attachment trauma, first responders trauma. Suicide Prevention, Self Harm prevention, Mood dysregulation and personality disorders: Clusters A, B, C.


  • 8 years treating sexually abused children
  • 12 years working with high risk youth, suicide, self harm, including trafficked girls
  • 10 years working with couples: Gottman and EFT, bi-racial couples and couples with personality disorders
  • 2 years in government sector working with both police department officers and victims of brutal life threatening assault and kidnapping
  • 2 years in foster care system
  • 4 years director of the Spiral Academy (women’s empowerment philosophy)
  • 18 years in private practice
  • Public speaker, author and transgenerational epigenetics specialist.