About Us

Our mission at MIPH is to provide hope, health empowerment and to encourage personal responsibility so individuals, no matter how challenging their circumstances, become positive agents of change during their process of psychological and physical recovery.

Our Approach

We practice different therapeutic orientations depending on the client’s unique needs. We use short-term brief solution-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and/or a longer-term psychodynamic psychotherapy and psycho-educational approaches with our clients.

Client Care Policy

We encourage our clients to give us feedback so that we may provide them with the best experience possible. We understand that creating a strong therapeutic alliance is essential for successful therapy.


Problem Solvers

Providing a non-discriminatory service, respecting and being sensitive to race, culture, ethnicity, gender, age, abilities, religion and sexual orientation.

What we believe in

Respecting the uniqueness of each client by developing an individualized approach to treatment. Offering a holistic approach by exploring the social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of our clients.

Dr. Sharleen McDowall

Clinical Director

My love for psychology has been with me since I can remember. Someone once told me to look at my bookshelf and it will reveal what I’m most passionate about. In doing so, I realized that I loved psychology, nutrition, fitness, and spirituality. Twenty years later, guess what I still enjoy reading? Yes, that’s correct —these topics continue to excite me and feed my soul.

I’m a Clinical Psychologist and the Clinical Director for McDowall Health, but I’ve also invested my time to learn about nutrition, exercise to lead a healthy lifestyle, and grow spiritually. During my career as a clinical psychologist, I’ve realized that in order to be happy and to achieve optimal health, ongoing growth in all these areas are essential.

I believe my life is an excellent reflection of an ongoing journey of self-improvement and growth. For the past 25 years, I’ve been committed to achieving optimal psychological and physical health. It has not always been easy, but no matter what, I am committed and I personally understand the challenges that people face when working towards achieving a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

My personal health journey is what lead me to decide to rebrand my practice to not only include psychology but to also address the physical aspects of health. I believe that to achieve “complete health” you can not separate the mind, body, and spirit. I believe optimal psychology health equals optimal physical health.

Regardless of the issue, you are struggling with, my practice and associates are committed to helping you rediscover yourself by supporting you during the process of a psychological and physical transformation. We will listen to you and will examine and address all the major areas of psychological and physical health by using encouragement, fostering self-empowerment and personal responsibility so you can begin to own your health and become a powerful force in your recovery.

We are deeply committed to serving you and we are here to offer a compassionate and non-judgmental space for you to share your concerns. It is my hope that McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare will provide you with the comprehensive healthcare that you’ve always been looking for.

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Sharleen McDowall

Yolanda Testani, MA,RP

Clinical Supervisor

CredentialsMA in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University | DTAIT Graduate Level Diploma in Art Therapy | BA in Psychology York University | BA in Fine Arts, Concordia University

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Anger, Work Stress, Children, Couples, Parenting | CBT, Client-Centered, Psychodynamic Therapy, Art Therapy

Location: Toronto

Personal Interests: Art | Reading | Hiking | Health living

I have always wanted to be part of a healing profession as I believe that one of life’s greatest gifts is helping others.  However, my journey as a Registered Psychotherapists did not begin in the conventional way. I began my formal education as an artist and used paint as a way to express my thoughts and feelings.  This passion led me to begin my therapeutic journey working with children using art therapy to now working with adolescence and adults using talk therapy. I strongly believe a positive therapeutic relationship is essential to the growth process and I also believe that the power of this therapeutic partnership can help uncover the strengths and resources we all possess. I view therapy as a collaborative, sharing experience and my goal is to help my clients feel hopeful, comfortable and truly understood.

Donalea McIntyre, Ph.D

Psychologist in Supervised Practice

CredentialsPhD in Counselling Psychology, Andrews University | M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counselling, Andrews University | B.Sc. in Psychology and English, University of Toronto

Services Offered: Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Trauma, Adults, Adolescence, Couples | Psychodynamic Therapy, CBT, Family Systems Therapy, Client-Centered

Location: Toronto

Personal Interests: Art | Music | Reading | Swimming

I believe that our joys, pains, struggles, and triumphs tell a story that is unique to each individual. Many times when we feel at our worst we have a hard time seeing the value in our stories… our journeys. I strongly believe that there are no one-size fits all therapy, but that a healthy therapeutic relationship can lead to growth, change, and hope. My goal is to help clients feel heard, empowered, and resiliency in the face of their challenges. Through a collaborative talk therapy approach, I intend to help clients develop coping and decision-making skills that will best suit their need and take into consideration the family and social environment that they interact with.

Kimberlee Mancina, M.C.

Psychological Associate

Credentials: M.C. Psychology from Athabasca University | Member of the Canadian Positive Psychological Association and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Services Offered: Self-Care and Stress Management, Gender Identity and Sexuality Issues, Couples Therapy and Relationship Challenges, Anxiety, Anger Management, Trauma

Location: Toronto | Brampton | Mississauga

Personal Interests: Soccer | Travel | Piano | Running

I have always a had a genuine fascination in people’s experiences and interactions with one another.  I believe that many people come to therapy feeling a sense of being “stuck”. As we work through their experiences of both joy and pain, I continually witness the commonalities we share with one another. As alone as we may feel, our shared emotional experiences are endless. As such, my work is informed by a deep sense of appreciation and curiosity about the connectedness we share with one another.  My goal with all individuals is allowing them to feel a sense of excitement about the therapeutic process. I adopt a holistic and strength based approach and integrate various health and wellness models. A stranger once said to me, “we all need to help each other”, an ideology that I carry with me, as I am grateful for the opportunity to provide that sense of connection and support that I believe we all need to thrive.

Elizabeth Beiderman

Registered Psychotherapist

CredentialsM.Ed. in Counselling Psychology, Acadia University | B.A (H) in Psychology, Concordia University

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Stress, Self-Esteem, Grief, Interpersonal Relationships, Life Transitions

Location: Mississauga | Brampton

Personal Interests: Hiking | Swimming | Exploring and taking blurry photos of intriguing locations around the world

I take a holistic and integrative approach to therapy, exploring the ways in which mind, body, and emotion all interact and contribute to overall health. My approach is rooted in Person-Centred Therapy, although I also draw from other modalities as suits each individual client. I am additionally trained in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (working towards tangible goals and change), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (recognizing and altering unhelpful thinking patterns), Narrative Therapy (re-examining our stories), and Mindfulness (increasing awareness and living in the present). My approach is suited to both short-term goal-oriented therapy and longer-term therapy that promotes deeper healing and personal development.

Shoria Khan

Psychological Associate

CredentialsM.A. in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University | B.Sc. in Psychology and English, University of Toronto |Certified Child Care Educator

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Career Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy

Location: Toronto | Mississauga

Personal Interests: Travelling | Reading | Lifestyle and Health | Technology

Happenstance played a role in my decision to pursue counselling. However, I have always held strong opinions about taking care of one’s mental and emotional well-being. My views were further strengthened post two significant life events; the first one being the opportunity to work abroad with adolescents from different cultural backgrounds undergoing significant life stressors. The second was my role as a counsellor providing therapy to women from marginalized communities, who were struggling to overcome their mental health difficulties. Both these instances acted as a turning point in my professional and academic life – I had found my “calling”. Additionally, one of my many interests includes working with the immigrant and refugee population. My view on therapy is a non-judgmental, client-centred, and collaborative approach that is specifically tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Shelley Seabra

Zen Coach

Services Offered: Artful & Executive Coaching, Change & Thought Leadership, Creative Solutions, Strategic Development, Relationship Management

Location: Toronto | Online

Personal Interests: Yoga| Hiking & exploring new areas in the world | Listening to music | Art & Photography

Shelley Seabra is a successful speaker, passionate marketer and consultant with over twenty years of integrated thought leadership. She intuitively has been coaching colleagues and clients by asking powerful questions, artful listening and identifying solutions and strategies for thought leaders and influencers.

Shelley inspires and coaches her clients to take their leadership and lives to the next level. Her unique style of performance coaching and mentoring helps clients and young adults achieve their personal and professional goals. She utilizes the Adler model of coaching and is currently working towards certification and accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. Shelley worked in Corporate Canada for twenty years, followed her passion and moved to sunny California where she lived for six years. She was a College Representative for a creative, design and fashion school. A successful public speaker, Shelley presented to Millennials in classrooms in the heart of Silicon Valley from San Jose to San Francisco and Los Angeles.

She currently resides in Toronto, Canada where she embraces the zen of the California lifestyle and brings it to the Canadian way of life. Her pride and joy are her nieces and nephews who teach her new dance moves and pop culture.

Deena Aziz, MA, CCC-Q


CredentialsMA in Counselling, Athabasca University I BA Hon, York University I BA Liberal Arts psychology major, University of Waterloo

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Anger Management, Work Stress, Adolescents, Adults, Couples Client-Centered, CBT, SFT, RT

Location: Brampton

Personal Interests: Traveling I Reading I Movies I History

I have always wanted to be a part of the healing profession and was in medical school for 2 years. It was not a good fit and I switched to psychology—my passion. I had finally found my vocation. I use an integrated framework and tailor therapy to the individual client’s needs and strengths. One thing drummed into me while both an undergrad and graduate was that the therapeutic alliance (rapport) between client and therapist is of paramount importance. My integrated framework asks each client to be at least collaborative in therapy, and I view the client as the expert in her/his own life.

Carol Pitre, RSSW


CredentialsMA in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University (ongoing) | Certification in Couple and Family Therapy, University of Guelph (ongoing) | Diploma in Social Service Work, Sheridan College | BA in Fine Arts, York University

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Anger, Work Stress, Children, Couples, Parenting | CBT, Client-Centered, Emotionally Focused Therapy

Location: Toronto | Brampton

Personal Interests: Playing hockey | Family | Meditation | Volunteer Work

Growing up, my mother and her eleven siblings – all teachers, nurses and social workers – infused in me the values of empathy, kindness and compassion. My career seemed already written yet I resisted and attempted to blaze my own path for several years by running my own small business. Sensing a growing void in my life, I returned to school and set a new course towards counselling. When my eldest aunt heard the news, she said: “Welcome home. We knew you’d find your way back.”

As a therapist, my work is grounded in creating a safe space for clients as well as supporting the healing process through a strength-based approach. I believe that we all hold the ability to return to our core values when life has somehow thrown us off course, and am honoured to offer unconditional regard and support to my clients throughout their respective journeys. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to provide a warm, trusting and empathic space to every individual, couple and family that seeks counselling services.

Crystal Colbourn, Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying, Masters of Clinical and Counselling Psychology (in progress), BA, CDP

Clinician/Therapist in Supervised Practice

CredentialsMasters of Clinical and Counselling Psychology (C), Adler Graduate School Toronto I BA(H) Psychology, University of Guelph I Career Development Practitioner Diploma, Conestoga College

Services Offered: Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Self-Harm & Suicidal Thoughts, Trauma, Family of Origin Issues, Self-Esteem & Personal Development, Career Counselling, Stress & Burnout I Adlerian Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Psychodynamic Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing, Narrative therapy.  

Location: Mississauga | Brampton

Personal Interests:  Immersing myself in psychology | learning | walking | reading | drinking coffee in the sun | becoming my authentic self | most of all–interjecting humour into my daily living.

As your therapist, I make it my mission to get to know who you are as a person.  I take the time to know who is sitting in front of me- you are an individual with a history, with stories of personal challenges and triumphs, and you come with hopes and dreams for the future.  Although you may be coming to therapy to address current emotional or psychological struggles, I believe that the therapeutic process is so much more than the reduction of symptoms.  My job as a therapist is to help you seek meaning within the various aspects of your life (work, family, friendships, intimate relationships, overall health, and the self).  Together we can work through whatever challenges you might have while building your sense of optimism and hope.  Although it may feel as though seeking therapy is a personal risk, always remember that “The chief danger in life is that you may take too many precautions.” ~Alfred Adler  

Victoria Moskovskaya


CredentialsMaster’s Degree in Psychology (Russia), Master’s Degree in Clinical and Counselling Psychology (Canada – in process)

Services Offered: Self-growth and self-esteem, relationships, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, workplace stress and issues, anger and emotion regulation, depression, addiction, body image, immigration, identity

Location: Toronto

Personal Interests:  Art  | Travel  | Wellness

While providing individual support ranging anywhere from therapy to coaching and counselling, my interest in psychology led me to group work, workshops and teaching. I have had a privilege to work with a variety of diverse clients from all over the world. My client population mostly include adults, couples, students and youth. Also, I have spent time working in a corporate world. In my therapeutic work, I employ a holistic approach, and I thrive to find an integrative method that would work best for a client by drawing from evidence-based therapies as well as contemporary psychology.

Miranda Klimowski


CredentialsMA in counselling psychology, Yorkville University (current student), BA in Psychology, Algoma University, Minor in Sociology 

Services Offered: Anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem issues, grief, coping mechanisms, couples, children, adolescents, relationships, CBT, talk therapy, psychodynamic therapy 

Location: Toronto | Brampton

Personal Interests: Hiking  | Literature | Music | Piano | Art

From the time that I was small I have always had a passion and general desire to understand those in the world around me. I found that I was always the helper of the group and felt things deeply and on a very emotional level. As I grew older this is what led for me to lean towards the study of Psychology, to be able to take this passion and utilize it to help those in the world around me is a gift. I have always known that life is a journey and the people that we interact with and how we impact their lives can make a huge difference on how they go about living their path.

We come across individuals who change our lives and help them for the better and I hope to be apart of the healing path that involves, guiding, and also helping clients come to personal realizations, as well as supporting positive changes that will promote self development and growth. I believe in a collaborative approach where we can utilize the therapeutic relationship so you can reach your full potential, while learning to become more self aware and recognize your strengths or what might be hindering your development. I am a warm and deeply open, accepting, and understanding person, and believe that together we can help guide you on the path that you want to be on, whatever one it is, you do not have to go through it alone and I am here to support your growth, positive change, and your general well being as a whole. 

Merlin Tong


Credentials: MA Candidate, Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University | H.BSc in Psychology, University of Toronto 

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness, Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

Location: Toronto

Personal Interests: Film & Gaming | Cooking | Running  | Positive Psychology

I am currently an intern, supervised by Dr. McDowall, and I am ecstatic to begin this new chapter in my career.  My goal is to cultivate the pertinent skills to help me excel  and succeed as a therapist, with the goal of earning registration with the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario. Much of my interests lies in positive psychology, which is reflected in my practice as I believe in a strength-based approach to counselling and achieving psychological growth. My goal is to create a culturally sensitive therapeutic environment that takes into account the diverse lived experiences of the individuals that I work with.

Kerri Kimoto


Credentials: Bachelor of Arts in Equity Studies, University of Toronto, working towards Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University

Services Offered: Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Concurrent Disorders, Addiction, Stress, Self-esteem| Client-centered, Strength-based, DBT informed, CBT, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused, Mindfulness

Location: Toronto | Brampton

Personal Interests: Getting outdoors | Exercising | Gardening | Reading

I am a true believer in the human capacity to adapt, grow, and in the fact that it is possible to find genuine joy and happiness. I also know that that life is rife with adversity and that walking alone through challenge can push us to what feels like our limits.It is often in these moments that individuals choose to seek professional counselling supports and this process can feel scary and overwhelming. With that, I would like to commend you on taking the first steps toward beginning your journey.  If you feel I may be a fit for you to talk with, my non-judgmental approach to practice is centered around compassion and the development of an open and trusting therapeutic relationship. I have a strong interest in helping folks find self-acceptance, inner peace, and to gently discover their own authentic interests and needs. Our work together will be informed by what you want, who you are, and the effort you feel comfortable putting in.I have over five years of experience working in the field of community support and mental health. As well, I possess extensive experience working with folks who have faced racism, gender-based oppression, and other forms of social injustice. If it feels right for you, I believe together we can make some positive changes!

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