Connor Laforge, BSc

Connor Laforge, BSc

Therapist In Training

Why I should be your counsellor/therapist
I want to work with you on bringing you closer to the things that you find important in your life. I like to work from a positive perspective, really focusing on your strengths and leveraging them to move you closer to where you want to be in life. Our sessions together are always collaborative and individually tailor-made for your unique circumstance. I believe there is no one way of doing therapy, and making it so you feel as safe and open as possible with me will make it so you have the best outcome possible. Approaching all situations from a perspective of compassion and understanding is what I strive for.
Issues or presenting concerns I have skills of interest in treating
I have extensive experience with meditation, so meditation and mindfulness-based therapies are the primary ways I approach all problems. Becoming more present and aware in the moment is one of the pillars of how I do therapy. I also have a strong affinity for acceptance and commitment therapy, which changes the therapeutic process from trying to escape painful psychological experiences, to behave in a way moving you toward your values. Along with these, I take a psychodynamic approach looking at your history and together figuring out how you became you.
What to expect after working with me
My goal is to help you move toward the best version of yourself that you can imagine. After working with me you will have the tools to continue your journey toward your better self throughout your years and all the experiences in life you’ll continue to have that will be trying.  As well, I hope to instill a deep understanding of yourself so you can continually adapt and flourish in whatever environment you end up in.
What integrative psychology means to me
Integrative psychology is about seeing our mental health as beyond what’s going on in between our ears, but broadening the idea out to how our whole body and daily environment contribute to how we think, feel, and behave. Integrative psychology means we won’t put a box around only thoughts or feelings, but really look at the social, cultural, and biological aspects to make sure you are healthy in as many ways as you can be.


Bachelors of Science in Psychology


Toronto, Brampton





Personal Interests: Personal interests: Fitness and Nutrition, Wellness, Meditation, Skiing, Music