Dr. Caroline Bearss, ND

Dr. Caroline Bearss, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

My passion for Integrative Psychology began years ago when I witnessed how curative natural medicine can be for mental health concerns. A new client came in with recurrent bouts of depression. While psychotherapy had helped, pharmaceuticals had not. Laboratory testing identified a combination of food sensitivities, microbiota dysregulation and gut lining inflammation. We worked on digestion, dysbiosis and elimination and to their surprise the depression lifted.

Once diagnosed with a mental health illness, people need to be informed there may be physical reasons for their condition and be given options for testing and treatment. If causes are identified and addressed people often see resolve in conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD, age-related dementia, etc. Naturopathic doctors work with diet, botanicals, homeopathy, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes and IV therapy. Additionally, Naturopathic medicine can support and ease grief, chronic stress, PTSD, trauma, and phobias.

Seeing a need for integration between natural medicine and the mental health field, I began working closely with psychologists, therapists and integrative medical doctors. I am currently undertaking a Fellowship in Integrative and Functional Psychiatry and a Masters in Psychotherapy. My approach is person-centred, not based on protocols for conditions but on an individual’s unique physiology. I blend the art of traditional naturopathy with leading science-based functional medicine. I’ve enjoyed teaching at naturopathic colleges and medical conferences. I have a Masters in education and am a Doctor of Osteopathy (manual practitioner) and a Building Biologist and Environmental Consultant. My mission is to integrate the fields of psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine, offering a fully integrated practice to clients.

At McDowall Integrative Psychology and Healthcare, we work collaboratively with you and your therapist to create a program for your body and mind, which evolves as we correct the underlying reasons for your concerns. We support and lead you through the treatment, maintenance and prevention phases of mental health care.

At McDowall, we treat the whole person. Let us be your guide.


Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy (in progress)