Josh Campitelli, BA

Josh Campitelli, BA

Therapist in Training

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in people. I am interested in learning about their strengths, attending to their struggles, and understanding what makes them unique. Throughout the therapeutic journey, I strive to get to know the person who sits before me, and to provide a safe space for them to become reacquainted with themselves. My aim is to provide every individual with a comfortable and open environment where we can collaboratively work toward their goals while fostering self-awareness, self-acceptance, and growth. Therapy is an exploration of oneself, and I am a fellow explorer, seeking to offer compassion, consideration, and a space where one can feel truly seen and understood along the way. Whether seeking wellness, recovery, or personal improvement, we all possess unique strengths and resources to help us reach our goals; we need only be curious to uncover them. As your therapist, I aspire to support this curiosity and in the words of Alfred Adler, “to see with the eyes of another, to hear with the ears of another, to feel with the heart of another.”



Adler Graduate Professional School, Honours B.B.A., Wilfrid Laurier University


Toronto, Brampton





Personal Interests: Baseball. Hiking & Nature, Woodworking