Kim Rao

Kim Rao

Therapist In Training

I am currently a therapist in training, completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I believe every individual has their own story to tell, they are unique based on their history, circumstances and personality. My approach is to understand my client’s story, collaborating with them in a safe and accepting environment, navigating through their struggles, identifying their strengths and building resilience. I work with systemic, research based approaches like CBT, DBT, CFT, SFT and Narrative therapy that can effectively treat issues around anxiety, stress, trauma and other mental health conditions.

By building a therapeutic relationship with my client, I aim to join them in their journey and provide an opportunity for them to express their true selves and in turn witness how consistent, authentic support can help them evolve and find their true worth and potential.


Bachelors in psychology and completing my masters in Counselling psychology







Personal Interests: Reading books on psychology and spirituality. Nature walks, practicing Reiki and meditation, traveling, learning about new cultures and spending time with family.