Mary Badalian, MSW

Mary Badalian, MSW

Social Worker, Psychotherapist

Why I should be your counsellor/Therapist?

“Welcome to a world where you can be the captain of your own sailboat and steer it in the direction of your dreams, despite the direction of the winds you may experience! My name is Mary Badalian, a Registered Social Worker with McDowall Integrative Psychology & HealthCare and It would be an honour for you to connect with me as your therapist in this journey called life. As a registered social worker (RSW) with over 15 years experience working in the various social work fields, I have gained invaluable experience in understanding how communities work and function – with my direct clinical experience lending to the past two years. I have lived on three continents and speak over 4 languages, which provides me insight into ethno-social experiences. While working with me, you will be greeted with empathy, compassion, and flexibility at working to create a steady and productive pace that is right for you.


Issues or presenting concerns I have skills or interest in treating (E.g., approaches, modalities etc.) 

As a holistic therapist, I try and integrate all aspects of our human experience, not just mind (through CBT, DBT, Solution Focused, IFS, Mindfulness and Meditation) but our bodies (movement, somatic work) and soul (spiritually integrated, energy work) as well. I utilize a client centred, strengths-based approach, while integrating the above noted modalities. Issues and concerns we can work on together include anxiety, depression, workplace burnout, stress, interpersonal relationships, anger management, trauma, inner child healing and spiritual wellness, and more.


What to expect after working with me 

After working with me, I hope you would feel more supported and heard while starting to have the ability to better understand yourself and those around you. You might be able to recognize more than one perspective to the issues that you are facing, while having more resources to call on and the ability to carry a light while you walk through any tunnel. I will ultimately challenge you to confront the pain, to see your issues in a new light and will support and celebrate you throughout the way!


What Integrative Psychology means to me 

Integrative psychology means looking at the root cause of any dis-ease or non-wellness you may be experiencing. Understanding that mind, body and soul are all interconnected and that one cannot heal any one part without the awareness of the other. Consumption is more than just what we eat (however still very relevant), it is about the quality of water we drink, it is the programs we watch and the people and energies we are around, as examples. Wanting to heal our mental health, requires an honest and direct look at all parts of our life that can have an impact on our overall mental well well-being, while looking for a deeper meaning behind it all.

I look forward to sailing the seas with you! “


Masters in Social Work (MSW), RSW Registered Social Worker


Toronto, Mississauga


English, Understands Farsi, Spanish, Armenian



Personal Interests: Yoga, gardening, dancing, clinical nutrition and reading up on quantum energy