Miya Akiyama, MFA

Miya Akiyama, MFA

Therapist In Training

Why I should be your counsellor/therapist

Therapy integrates my passion for working collaboratively, problem-solving, and creativity. My work as a therapist is driven by a keen interest in people’s stories about their lives and is motivated by a desire to strengthen narratives that highlight personal strengths and resilience. I am committed to developing strong and healthy alliances with my clients, believe clients carry expert knowledge about their lives, and aim to provide support and resources that highlight their preferred narratives. 

Issues or presenting concerns I have skills or interest in treating (E.g., approaches, modalities etc.)

Trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, I approach problems with a systemic lens. This perspective can support individual and relational issues and is designed to look at our extended systems of influence. I have a background in Narrative Therapy and utilize a mix of strength-based, client-centered, and collaborative approaches. Areas of proficiency include Couples Therapy, CNM, Sex and Intimacy, Infidelity, Family Therapy, Blended-Families, Grief, Ambiguous Loss, Life Transitions, and generally Relationship Dynamics and Communication.

What to expect after working with me

Together we will reflect on the stories surrounding you, consider whether these narratives accurately reflect you, and establish preferred narratives that authentically represent you and your values. When you leave therapy, the goal is to be able to take this preferred narrative with you into your daily life and interactions. Focused on strengths and resilience, you will highlight the inherent supports within your system and offset the parts that are no longer serving you. 

What Integrative Psychology means to me

An integrative approach ensures that the work done in therapy is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and accounts for the diversity of lived experiences and influences in their life. Akin to a holistic approach, integrative psychology incorporates a combination of techniques, tools, and areas of focus. Looking at the interconnectedness of parts and recognizing the relationship between our psychological and physical health improves functionality across multiple systems to optimize the benefits provided. 


Bachelors degree (B.A) in Equity studies at UofT | Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) in Documentary studies at TMU