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We believe your mental health is an extremely important foundation for your overall health and wellness.

Mental health includes your emotional, psychological and social wellbeing, but it also relates to your physical health as well. We believe there is a very strong connection between the mind and body, and that both of these areas need to function optimally to achieve best health. This is why we have created an integrative practice, so that we can connect these areas of health for our patients to make them feel their absolute best.

It is no secret that in our fast-paced world, stress is at an all- time high, and mental health concerns are increasing daily. Many patients are dealing with crises, and/or want to be proactive about seeking treatment to optimize their health. Natural treatments are highly evidenced and effective for both those that want an alternative to conventional medicine and for those who want to use a functional approach to their health. We provide treatment plans based on your unique needs, and also provide support on how to integrate our strategies with your current health issues as well as any medication you are taking.

We use a variety of modalities in our practice to improve to our patient’s health, such as:


Nutritional/Herbal Therapies

Specialized Testing

Nutritional Support


Intravenous Therapy

These therapies work well individually or in combination to treat a host of different concerns such as:

Nutritional Support



Chronic Stress & Burnout

Panic Attacks

Sleep Disturbances

Intake Process

During your intake, we will do a full workup of your chief health concern, as well as investigate all areas of your health.

After evaluation we will have a better idea on what therapeutic intervention is best for you.

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