Here’s What Burnout Is Trying To Tell You

Employee burnout is a global concern. In a survey of over 1000 respondents by Deloitte, 77% say they have experienced burnout at their current job. 91% say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work, and 83% say burnout can negatively impact personal relationships.


At McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare we know the impact burnout can have on an individual and their family.

It is extremely difficult to pull things together when you have absolutely no energy. Burnout is a complex condition and involves both physical and mental aspects of health. This is why all of our treatments involve psychological care & naturopathic medicine interventions. While individuals who often face burnout are overachievers, doers and action takers, the hardest part of dealing with burnout is that what you really need is rest.


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What is Burnout?

Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Burnout in the course of employment can make one feel emotionally drained and unable to function in the context of work and other aspects of life.

Signs & Symptoms of Burnout

Signs & Symptoms of Burnout:

Burnout is a spectrum that often leads to complete exhaustion and drain. It is common to hear someone with burnout complaining of fatigue. The hallmark “I’m always tired” seems to be a common feature of burnout. Other symptoms may include back aches, headaches, loss of appetite etc. If sleep is disrupted individuals may start to withdraw and exhibit symptoms of depression; not having the desire to do anything that once gave them pleasure etc.

Many of us don’t have control over work, but this feeling of helplessness might be amplified when someone is burnt out. Sometimes they are even unclear about expectations at work, feeling that their work tasks are demanding and overwhelming.

Psychological Treatment For Burnout

The positive news about burnout is that there are multiple ways to treat it! CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) is an effective psychological treatment that can help you overcome this issue.

According to Psychology, Today self-care is an effective weapon for fighting burnout. This may include yoga, mindfulness, meditation, massage, exercise, dietary changes or practising self-compassion. Our beWell IV lounge is a client favourite, utilizing our quiet rooms to pump your body with depleted nutrients while enjoying some alone time. Whatever your self-care practice is, as long as you are putting yourself first you are winning. 

Treatment Through Therapy

Moving Forward With Burnout 

Burnout is not an overnight fix, so having patience for yourself is vital for making sure a recovery occurs. Here are some common questions you should be asking yourself in the process:


1.) Do I Need To Quit My Job?

When your job is the source of burnout many people jump straight to the conclusion that quitting is the only resolution. While quitting may provide immediate relief it may require more stress in other areas of your life. Before jumping the gun, think about what aspects of work are making you feel burnout out. Is it your lack of boundaries, work-life balance or micro-managing boss? If there’s a switch you can make that doesn’t compromise where you work, think about that first.


2.) Do I Have Work-Life Balance?

Believe it or not, work-life balance is really important for overall well-being. For a type A personality it is common to find themselves in the “workaholic/burnout” category. But when you peel back the curtains on their perpetual need for work you realize something bigger is driving them…low self-esteem. When the value is given from work and work alone, the individual has not yet learned how to derive pleasure from other areas of their life. That means their own fulfilment comes from how they perform at work, usually related to either money, status or reputation. Now not all cases of burnout will fall into this category but most do. Work-life balance challenges you to find your worth somewhere else. It’s valuing you as a person rather than someone who has achievements; these are very different.


3.) What Can I Do Daily To Help Out?

Your daily actions are the ones that count. Little things like booking an IV appointment, going to the gym, doing your hair, going for a hike, and eating healthy food have incremental effects on how you perform and feel as a person. It is our daily actions that create health, not the little steps we take once in a while.


At McDowall Integrative Psychology and Health, we offer a variety of therapy services that can help you manage your Burnout. Our therapists will work with you to understand your thoughts and behaviors surrounding your burnout and help you develop new coping mechanisms. Through effective therapy, you can lessen the frequency of your burnout waves and live a more manageable life.

If you’re struggling with burnout, don’t hesitate to call McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare. Our team of mental health professionals would be more than happy to assist you in finding the best possible treatment plan. Schedule an entry appointment today!