Integrative Psychology & Healthcare

 Putting health back into Mental Health

Psychology combined with natural healthcare. — The Perfect Union!


At McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare, we are committed to providing you with comprehensive healthcare that addresses both the psychology and biology of the individual. Our practice takes pride in understanding individuals holistically. We see the impossibility of separating the mind and the body when treating patients to have more vibrant health. 

Our mission is to foster an environment of health empowerment to support our patients to take responsibility for their health. Education, collaboration, and empowerment are used to help our patients understand their health concerns comprehensively. We provide psychological treatment and natural healthcare concurrently to produce optimal health outcomes. 

Areas of Help

Anger Management

From one on one sessions to psychotherapy, we work to ensure you get the right balance of counselling best suited for your unique needs.


Work Stress, Depression, Anxiety, or whatever might be weighing on your mind. We want to work together to help you make things clearer.

Couples Counselling

Sometimes it’s difficult to admit you need help in a relationship. Our goal is to open lines of communication and help understand the needs of being a couple.

Are you ready to start your new journey?