“Coaching is fundamentally about facilitating change that leads to desired results, facilitating movement from a current state to a more desirable future state.”
~ Adler

In a world of rapid change, connectivity and collaboration is paramount. People rely on connections with others who are focused on supporting their journey to be wholesome and complete. At McDowall Integrative Health, we take a holistic approach to our clients. Your coach supports your self-discovery and your exploration of what’s important to you. Ultimately, the goal is to uncover how to get more of what matters to you in your life.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a way to create change that leads to desired results and outcome.

Coaching is not therapy, consulting or mentoring.

It is forward-thinking, future-based and grounded in the core belief that you, the client are already creative, resourceful and whole. Our coaching process fosters your ability to tap into your creativity and potential.

This exclusive experience is for you if you’re ready:

  • 1:1 or group setting
  • 1:1 sessions are typically done by video conference on Google Hangouts
  • An initial two-hour discovery session (can be divided into 2 one-hour sessions)
  • One hour sessions every 1-4 weeks (depending on your preferences)
  • 5-10 hour bundles/packages are offered

What could you achieve if you didn’t have to figure things out on your own? How would it feel to have the journey mapped out for you by experienced and compassionate guides who believe in your ability? We’re gathering like-minded individuals, hard-working looking for a business-changing experience.

Together, we’ll help you transform your life.

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