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Insurance Coverage

Our services are covered by most extended health benefit insurance plans. Psychological and Naturopathic services are not covered by OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan). Please note that extended health insurance benefit plans can differ therefore please check your insurance plan regarding your coverage and claim procedures (e.g., whether or not a referral letter from your physician is required, details required on receipts, amount per person per calendar year etc.).


Psychological Services

Currently our fee schedule ranges from $100 to $250 per hour for individual and couples therapy, depending on the time and nature of the service provided, plus the training and experience of the therapist. All fees follow the guidelines set by the Ontario Psychological Association for psychological consultation and counselling. Your fee will be discussed with you during the intake process and all efforts are made to provide affordable psychological services.

Please note: direct billing is not available on Psychological Services.

Fee Payment

Payment for counselling and mental health services is due at the end of every session. A receipt will be given when payment is received. Please retain this receipt for your insurance or income tax claims, if applicable. If you are submitting your receipt to an insurance provider for reimbursement, it is advisable that you do so after each session. In this way, the account remains manageable and counselling becomes a naturally budgeted expense.

Fees may be paid by cash, cheque, credit card
(Mastercard and Visa).

Budget-Friendly Therapy

We believe that the residents of Ontario should have access to mental health and psychological services that are readily available to them. We also recognize that not everyone is able to afford these necessary services. In order to reach out to this population, we offer affordable services provided by supervised psychotherapy interns to meet our clients financial needs.

We are also very pleased to be offering direct billing on Naturopathic Services.

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