Naturopathic Externships & Internships

About McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare

McDowall Integrative Psychology & Healthcare (McDowall) is not a traditional psychology or healthcare practice. Rather our unique approach to wellness involves examining and addressing all the possible underlying causes that are making patients feel emotionally and physically unwell. People's emotional health can directly affect physical health and vice versa, therefore, our integrative approach focuses on treating both psychological and physical health concurrently providing our patients with the best possible, long-lasting, health outcomes.

IV Therapy

Gain education and access experience with IV therapy

1:1 Mentoring

Receive knowledge and experience through 1:1 mentorship

Integrative Mental Health

Experience mental health treatment form multiple perspectives

Current Availabilities


Our preceptoring program gives students the opportunity to collect and earn clinical hours while observing our naturopathic medicine team. 


Current placements:

  • Weekly preceptoring (min. 2 months)


Our externship program is for 4th year interns looking to gain clinical experience.


Current placements:

  • Weekly externship position (4 months/semester) for 4th year interns 


Please send your resume in an email explaining why you'd like to work with McDowall Integrative to