Sloane White, B.A

Sloane White, B.A

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Why I should be your counsellor/therapist 

If you are looking for a therapist who facilitates a warm environment, remains curious, and helps you elicit the change you wish to see in your life; I think working with me will be a good therapeutic fit. I believe that the impact of healing oneself does not occur in a vacuum; rather, it radiates beyond the self and touches all those with whom we interact.

Issues/presenting concerns I have skills or interest in treating (E.g., approaches, modalities etc.) 

I approach presenting concerns with a person-centred and trauma-informed lens. This means that whether it is anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, or perhaps something without a name; I commit to meeting you where you are and creating such a space where we can grow together through our therapeutic relationship. When it is fitting, I also rely on Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral inventions to further support you.

What to expect after working with me

After working with me I hope you feel more equipped to handle what life may throw at you. This may include developing coping skills, increasing self-compassion, or leaving with greater insight into your past experiences. Whatever may bring you to therapy, I commit to working collaboratively with you to tackle your concerns and facilitate your psychological growth and healing.

What Integrative Psychology means to me

Integrative Psychology is an eclectic mix of various therapeutic interventions as well as exploring other facets of wellness; the focus is on the person as a whole. It is my belief that people are unique beings; therefore, they have unique needs which require person-specific intervention. For me, Integrative Psychology means exactly that. Considering a holistic approach to therapy means considering all aspects of a person. This can include the life experiences that brought someone to therapy but also physical elements of health such as sleep and diet. It goes beyond symptomology and truly considers how you can be your best self in all domains of living. 


B.A. in Sociology, University of Western Ontario