BrainBody25 Program

An Integrative Mind-Body Health System


With a broken foundation you will never get the results that you want.

The BrainBody25 program is foundational. We teach you how to rebuild a solid foundation by examining the basic elements of health that impact to your physical well-being & overall happiness.

Are you someone who….

  is struggling with motivation and energy?

  feels anxious and overwhelmed?

   takes prescription medication but does not feel better?

   is dealing with chronic health concerns?

   is dissatisfied with your current mental health?

   wants an alternative to taking prescription medication?

   feels unheard by your current health team.

   wants a new approach to treating your mental & physical health.

   worries and feels uncertain about the future.

   is ready to take control of your health and life.

If you answered "yes" to any of the above....

The BrainBody25 Program is the ideal program for you.

This program is designed for people who are serious about putting in the work in order to change their health. We work 1:1 with individuals but cannot make change unless the person is 100% invested in the process. It is common for us to see people with these problems...

Motivation and energy
No Prescriptions
Chronic Health issues


*If you feel like you already have things under control do not click this button*

Why this is the program you've been looking for...

The BrainBody25 Program is root cause focused.

BrainBody25 Program is a root-cause approach to psychological healthcare, which examines the elements of health at the root of our foundation. This program takes a comprehensive whole-body systems approach to mental and physical health. This program has never been seen before, it was sculpted through 30+ years of clinical psychology experience.

BrainBody25 Program

Most mental health programs miss the boat because they focus on the symptoms rather than the cause...

Which is why most things end up coming back or feeling worse overtime.

Which no one wants.

We all want to get better, but that requires us to look at health from a different perspective, a more holistic perspective.

It is now clear that mental health is more than psychology.

It is our foods, nutrients, gut health, hormones, immune system, sleep, movement etc. to name a few. These are the elements of health and the foundation to optimal living.


Session 1 & 2-2

Available: In Person & Virtual

Our hybrid approach allows education & learning to operate both in-person and virtually. Virtual session will be run weekly by our health coach to keep people motivated and on track. In person sessions will involve both psychological and naturopathic treatment.

What are the benefits?

BrainBody25 Program

  • Reduces anxiety and helps create a state of inner calm
  • Improves sadness to find more happiness in your day-to-day life
  • Prevent the onset of chronic illnesses
  • Improve your general quality of life and living
  • Increase the quality of the relationship within yourself and with those around you
  • Regain the meaning of life and find purpose
  • Developing a better relationship with money and finances
  • Creating the ultimate level of self-acceptance and self-actualization
  • Surrendering to who you are and owning your truth
  • Better sleep and energy
  • Cultivating a feeling of belonging
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Our commitment to you…

We believe everyone deserves to achieve optimal psychological and physical health and that the human body has the innate ability to heal with the appropriate inventions and support systems. The BrainBody25 Program was designed with this intention in mind to provide individualized interventions, and collaborative support and to encourage health empowerment in all our patients.

BrainBody25 Program

 12 Session Program

Week 1

Session with Psychotherapist & Naturopathic Doctor (90 min integrative)

Week 2

Nutrition & Lifestyle (Group Session) - 1 hour intensive

Week 3

Treatment Planning Session - 30 min
Nutrition & Lifestyle (Group Session) - 1 hour intensive

Week 4

Treatment Session with Integrative Practitioner
-1 hour intensive (Including: therapies)
-Nutrition & Lifestyle (Group Session) - 1 hour intensive

Week 5

Treatment Session with Integrative Practitioner
-1 hour intensive (Including: therapies)
-Nutrition & Lifestyle (Group Session) - 1 hour intensive

Week 6

Final Assessment (or reassessment)
-1 hour intensive session
-Nutrition & Lifestyle (Group Session) - 1 hour intensive


*If you feel like you already have things under control do not click this button*

The History Behind BrainBody25

BrainBody25 program was created by Dr. Sharleen McDowall, a Clinical Psychologist, and after many years of treating patients with emotional issues with psychological interventions but came to realize that something was missing.

Although psychologists are trained to use a bio-psycho-social approach when treating patients, she realized that biological aspects of the person that could potentially impact a person's mental well-being were not being addressed by psychology. Psychological interventions were not equipped to treat these physical concerns. She had patients with a variety of health concerns (eg. hormonal issues, blood sugar deregulation or digestion issues, etc.) that were significantly impacting her patient's mental health.

Psychological Assessments
Integrative Therapeutic Session

Integrative Therapeutic Session

Integrative Health Assessment

Integrative Health Assessment

Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Feeling helpless time and time again, Dr. McDowall began thinking about how she could include healthcare services in her practice. Being passionate about helping patients achieve optimal health and happiness, the BrainBody25 program was born, a whole-body system approach to addressing the primary areas of health that could potentially impact a person's psychological and physical health.

Influenced by the renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow's theory of psychological health, and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Be5 Living program includes 5 Levels and 25 Elements of Health, with each level building upon the other. However, each level is not mutually exclusive and patients are required to conduct an integrative health assessment (IHA) prior to the program in order to create a personalized treatment plan to determine the individual elements of mind-body health that requires the most attention.

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