Deena Aziz, MA

Deena Aziz, MA


As a mature therapist, I bring a wealth of lived experience as well as professional experience in that I have counselled adolescents, adults, individuals, couples and families for some time and continue to do so.

Living and working in a multicultural city such as Brampton, I have had an ethnically diverse clientele and enjoy engaging in culture-infused therapy and use different orientations such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), solution focused therapy (SFT), reality therapy (RT) and borrow tools and techniques from others such as acceptance commitment therapy and Adlerian.  The above are evidence-based, solution-focused, and brief therapies.  I also practice longer term therapies such as attachment and psychodynamic which entail the exploration of root causes of adult psychological difficulties stemming perhaps from childhood trauma and the client and I embark on a journey of healing from those wounds. I integrate the above to tailor-make therapy to each client’s needs, goal, and wants in a safe and private space. 

I come from a stance of genuineness, warmth, positive regard, empathy, and respect.  What I expect from my clients in return is to be at least collaborative and at most, the expert in their own lives—I am the guide/coach.  

On a personal note, I view psychotherapy not as a job or career but as a vocation and the fulfillment of a twenty-year-old dream.  I have travelled a lot since childhood as my father was a diplomat and continue to do so.  I enjoy reading, music, and am a movie buff.  I also enjoy the theater, watching tennis matches, soccer, ice dancing and gymnastics.


MA in Counselling Psychology, Athabasca University I BA Hon, York University I BA Liberal Arts, University of Waterloo




English, Bangla(Bengali), Understands Hindi/Urdu



Personal Interests: Traveling, Reading, Movies, History