Dr. Vuyo B. Mpumlwana, C. Psych.

Dr. Vuyo B. Mpumlwana, C. Psych.


I have over 35 years of experience practicing as a clinical and school psychologist, including holding management, teaching positions, as well as supervisory roles. My professional practice has over the years included: psychological intervention to address issues related to general mental health challenges (anxiety, depression, relationship issues, general emotion dysregulation etc.); trauma, relationship issues, as well as family dynamics. I provide Clinical Assessments as well as Psycho-Educational Diagnostic Assessments that help to clarify issues related to Learning Difficulties and other school related concerns. I use client-centered approach to therapy. I employ evidence-based strategies, such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Emotionally Focus Therapy, as well as Family Systems.

My goal in psychotherapy is to see my clients develop strategies that help them to effectively deal with life challenges. I bring to partnership relationship with my clients, compassion, warmth, empathy, respect and understanding, seasoned by experience of 35+ years working with individuals and families from different cultural backgrounds, in Canada, USA and Internationally. In addition, I offer service to clients who prefer Christ-centered approach.


PhD., C. Psych.


Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga