Nathalie Di Lorenzo, MA

Nathalie Di Lorenzo, MA

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

My hope is to be your breath of fresh air. Someone for you to express yourself, confide in, and vent to.

As we all come from different walks of life, my main focus is to approach any concerns with a person-centered and holistic lens. I also believe in the importance of practicing self-care, self-compassion, and mindfulness as I believe these are the underlying factors pertaining to wellness.

I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I am currently completing my Master’s in Counselling Psychology. I have always had a deep passion and regard for individuals and learning about all of the layers that make up who they are.

Change can be daunting. My aim is to be your support system through a collaborative, nurturing, and straight-forward approach while holding a high level of empathy, acceptance, encouragement, and transparency. With this, we will find your strengths to help you cope with challenging times and create a plan that leads you to your best, independent self.

I aspire to provide a safe and confidential space for you to feel comfortable enough to open up and share your experiences, both positive and negative, and help guide you through any struggles that may come your way. All feelings are valid and I will work with you at your own pace to identify, understand, and better manage them to reach your desired goals and journey towards growth and success.


BA in Psychology | MA in Counselling Psychology





Personal Interests: My personal interests are exercising, playing soccer, and spending quality time with friends and family